Nursing Home Negligence

As our elderly population continues to increase, nursing home neglect and abuse has become a recognized problem. One of your parents, a spouse, or a family member may have been placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility as a result of their age, declining health, or because of temporary or permanent disability. Unfortunately, some of these facilities may not provide proper care for your loved one as a result of under-staffing, inexperienced or untrained care givers, and injuries or death may occur due to negligent care.

For example, your loved one may have incurred a serious injury or death due to a fall, as a result of inadequate supervision, or may have developed serious bed sores (pressure ulcers) as a result of inadequate care. Physical abuse and neglect may also occur due to intentional and insensitive care by caregivers, or your loved one may be injured after they wander away from a facility that does not implement adequate supervision and controls.

Because elderly abuse and neglect is a very serious problem, the law in Arizona provides a cause of action (legal recourse) for incapacitated and vulnerable adults. These victims and their families may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, funeral expenses, attorneys fees, and punitive damages. Punitive damages awards work to punish a defendant and deter others from similar conduct.

If you believe your loved one has been injured as a result of abuse or neglect, you should contact an experienced attorney to investigate and evaluate your claim.

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