Product Liability

Product liability claims involve circumstances where someone is injured or killed by dangerous or defective products, or defective product design. Injuries may occur because of the bad design of a product or a mechanical failure of the product. These cases may involve children's products, various consumer products, dangerous industrial machines, or faulty vehicle design.

For example, Mr. Heiney has handled product liability cases involving defective swimming pool filters, a defective chemical pump, a metal bending machine, a glass cutting machine, and a hydraulic material lift.

Mr. Heiney obtained his undergraduate degree in Product Design in 1982 and has substantial experience evaluating defective products and product failures. He has evaluated hundreds of cases involving children's products, dangerous machinery, metallurgical failures, garage door openers, power tools, and other consumer products.

Product liability cases are complex and require representation by an experienced product liability attorney. Clifford L. Heiney has a strong technical background and experience in evaluating product liability cases, and has effectively handled product liability litigation against manufacturers and distributors.

Our client testimonials vouch for our commitment to obtaining fair compensation for people who have been injured as a result of defective products and defective product design.

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